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History of Verbier

In former times paradise of the cows, goats and sheeps, the plateau of Verbier knew its very first ski hikers in 1915 and the first hotel in the early 30’s. In 1950 the real start began when five members of the development society, founded 13 years ago, decide the construction of the Médran ski lift.

The station history is deeply related to the development of the ski domain by the society of ski lifts TéléVerbier managed in masterly manner by Rodolphe Tissière.

In 1955 the Savoleyres installation is built, in 1957 Attelas, in 1960 Mont-Gelé and Tortin. The first skiers are Swiss, Belgian or French, then come the Swedes and the British.

The station is soon connected to the Chables, lower in the valley thanks to a cable car. In 1974 appear the first problems of traffic and public transports inaugurate small buses. Culminating at 3300 meters high, the Mont-Fort was conquered only after 10-year efforts, the work lasted fom 1977 to 1987.


  • Ascending to the alpage
  • Cow keeping
  • Pension management, such as Pension “Mont-Fort”, “Besson” or “Rosablanche”
  • Cheese production
  • Hay making
  • Cow fights