Sales Information


Real estate agency Besson Immobilier SA presents an extensive list of properties for sale. These properties range from two-star studios to luxurious apartments and prestigious chalets located throughout the Verbier ski resort.

Establishing a mortgage note costs about 1.2% of the total amount borrowed. Credit rates and conditions vary across banks. The local banks will provide you with all required information.


Obtaining the authorization :

If the purchaser is a Swiss national or has a valid residence permit (B or C): no authorisation is required.

Residents from EU and EFTA countries wishing to move their main residence to Switzerland will be granted a “B” permit without difficulty.

If the purchaser resides abroad and is seeking a holiday residence :

In this case an authorisation has to be granted by the State of Valais, depending on the available quota. However, the resale of the object to another foreigner is not subject to quota.

It is possible to acquire only one property per household (however, a child over 18 years old may buy a property in his/her own name)

Type of purchase

  • In the case of a secondary residence, the maximum net area would be 200 sqm (however it is possible to adapt the figure to particular situations, e.g. large family, etc.).
  • Resale is possible for a foreign vendor if he has held the property for at least 5 years.

The land register fee are payable by the purchaser. These fees are approx. 3 % of the purchase price, including notary fees and registration fees.

Terms of payment

Resale of a new object ready for occupancy : 10% upon signature of the deed and the balance once the deed is entered in the Land Registry or after the purchaser has taken possession of the object.

New object under construction : 10% upon signature of the deed, then instalments may be phased over time as the work progresses

Annual costs

CHF 55.-/sqm comprising : caretaker services, heating, fire and liability insurance, electricity bills for common areas, snow clearance, maintenance of outdoor areas during summer, condo administration, social costs, sewage charges, amounts allocated to the renovation fund.

Annual taxes : ranging between CHF 50.-/sqm and CHF 70.-/sqm

Tourist tax weekly : CHF 4.—per day/per person.

Tourist tax seasonal : CHF 4.—per day/per person considering an average occupation rate of 40 days. (flat rate per person for the season = CHF 160.-)

Fire and water damage insurance : the premium depends on the insurance coverage.

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Sales price

  • Property valuation : we offer you our professional property appraisal services to accurately determine the selling price

Various types of brokerage agreements are available :

Exclusive mandate : The seller entrusts a single agency with the sale of his property.
Non-exclusive mandate : The seller entrusts several agencies with the sale of the property.
With control : The seller uses the services of a real estate agency who in turn, forward the mandate to other agencies.

Rules on housing sales set out in the Cantonal Regulation of 21 November 2012 :

Sale between Swiss nationals : no permit required and no time limit involved.

Sale from a Swiss national to a foreigner : The seller must own the property during 5 years before it can be sold. This rule applies throughout the entire territory of the Canton of Valais. A declaration of intent is signed by the potential buyer and forwarded by the notary to the Land Registry. Following the committee meetings, the appropriate authority issues a guarantee that a quota unit is available. This guarantee remains valid for one month. During that month, the deed of purchase-sale must be signed. The purchaser cannot take possession of the object before the permit is delivered.

Sale between foreign residents : A foreign resident who has acquired and held a holiday home in Valais during more than 5 years (according to the date of entry in the Land Registry) and to whom a quota unit has been granted, is authorized to sell to another foreigner.

Sale by a foreigner to a Swiss national : provided the property was held for 5 years, it can be sold.

New or under construction to another foreign resident : A person domiciled abroad is authorized to acquire a chalet/apartment which is either new or under construction. The buyer must sign a declaration of intent, which the notary sends to the Land Registry. After the committee meetings, the issuing authority guarantees the availability of a quota unit. This guarantee remains valid for one month, during which the deed of purchase-sale must be signed.


There are no inheritance or donation taxes in the Canton of Valais for children and spouses.

Capital gain tax applies in the case of resale. It is based on the difference between the sale price and the purchase price to which are added all incurred costs (notary fees, sales commission, conversion costs, alterations and other works that increase the value of the property). The rate of taxation varies according to the realized capital gain and the duration of ownership.

The tax rate is set on a declining balance basis depending on the duration of ownership. Download table taux_impot_gain_immobilier.pdf

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Federal Law on Secondary Residence

According to the law on secondary residency voted on March 11th, 2012 and adopted in March 2015, the following legal provisions apply to municipalities that have reached the 20% threshold for second homes :

  • Homes that already existed on 11.03.2012 or for which permission had been granted before this date are not affected by the legal changes.
  • An extension of up to 30% of the main usable areas of existing secondary homes is tolerated.
  • New development of tourist accommodation is authorized.

Please find all the measures on the website

For any further details, please contact us. We would be very happy to assist you.