ON THE HUNT FOR ALL THE REGION’S SMALL PRODUCERS You are an owner or you have rented a property at Besson Immobilier for the year, the season or the week, and you can’t wait to fill your fridge. In that case, you have come to the right place, where we will reveal our tips for...


You are an owner or you have rented a property at Besson Immobilier for the year, the season or the week, and you can’t wait to fill your fridge. In that case, you have come to the right place, where we will reveal our tips for meeting the producers directly. It is important to discover our culinary heritage. We all like to eat like locals when we go on holiday, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where the best places are located.

Many holidaymakers have admitted to us that they use this pretext to discover nice places in the surrounding area. Taking the time to meet the producers also gives you the opportunity to opt for food made using excellent local and seasonal products. This food is the reflection of a history, a tradition and a region with a culinary flavour. Local food networks are more ethical and have pride of place, but consuming locally also offers the pleasure of sharing and exchanging with a personalised welcome, to support and encourage the economic fabric of the region.

In this article, we have only considered producers of local products and therefore we have not included resellers. Here we have highlighted dairy products, meat, fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs. At some of these establishments you will also find eggs, honey, jams or various specialties. This is not an exhaustive list.

Valais Platter (Assortment of Meats and Cheeses)



For decades, cheese has been the basic source of income for peasants in our Alpine regions. The perseverance of our ancestors helped to improve the quality of our products and give them a good reputation. You can find these products in dairies, on farms and in some mountain pastures.


Fromagerie de Champsec, raclette cheese

“We have to go far back in time to find the origin of our Bagnes cheese, which now delights gourmets and is the pride of our producers, just as it was in the past. Each dairy in the region offers different kinds of tommes, alpine cheeses and AOP (PDO) Valais raclette cheeses. It features the name “Bagnes” on its crown followed by a number indicating the specific region.

Go directly to the dairies of these villages to bring back delicious cheeses and other products such as fondue, butter, yogurt, sérac cheese and fresh milk:

  • Verbier (Bagnes 1)
  • Lourtier (Bagnes 30)
  • Champsec (Bagnes 25)
  • Etiez (Vollèges) (Bagnes 98)
  • Liddes (Bagnes 4
Fromagerie de Champsec, raclette cheese


The Glariers’ Farm (Lourtier)

This is a small family farm where you can discover magnificent dairy products. This small family farm started its cheese production in 2015 and has been transitioning to organic farming since 2018. Today, the Glariers’ farm is made up of 10 Hérens cows, 200 ewes, 8 donkeys and 75 hens.

You will find tommes fleuries with P’tite Tomme de Mauricette, Raclette cheese from Valais, fresh cheese with herbs, Valais tomme cheese, eggs and cured meat products made from sheep meat (dried meats and sausages).

Open Monday to Friday from 4 PM to 7 PM.

+41 79 277 72 8

Lucien Fellay’s Farm (Champsec)

Lucien Fellay took over the family business in the 2000s. The sheep and goats spend most of the year in the Val de Bagnes at the entrance to the village of Lourtier. Lucien Fellay was the first in the region to offer raclette cheese from sheep milk, which he has offered to his customers since 2006. Since then, he has expanded his product range with blue cheeses, tommes, sérac and curd cheese. He also offers raclette cheese from goat milk and its derivatives.

You will find all his products directly at the farm in Champsec, Route de Mauvoisin 280.

Phone: +41 79 285 65 38

Valérie and François Luisier’s farm (Sarreyer)

You will discover a unique experience at Sarreyer. Fill your bottles with raw milk, directly from the producer. You can also go there outside the milking times, as Valérie and François provide a milk dispenser, the modern version of the time when we used to go to the farm with a milk churn. From the udder to the bottle: don’t forget to bring a container to take some milk with you.

Chemin de Banderet, Sarreyer.

Phone +41 79 892 97 84


In our tradition, many Valaisan families order their meat (beef, lamb, mutton, pork, etc.) directly from breeders. However, they generally order a whole animal or a “half-animal”. The different pieces of meat will be cut in the slaughterhouse, vacuum packed then put in the freezer. Orders can be made throughout the year and meat is generally be available from late October to late March. The animals are raised in the Bagnes region and spend the summer in the mountains. Meat is a delicate product that requires infinite care, so the love that the producers have for their animals and the region in which they live guarantee exceptional meat.

La ferme du soleil (Verbier)

In this agritourism farm, the family business combines gastronomy, the sale of local products and visits to farm animals.

You can order beef, veal or pork in October. On site you will find cold meats, and other foods from local producers (cheeses, juice, honey, etc.). You can also eat there.

Chemin des Marais, Medieres-Verbier

Phone: +41 22 565 40 70


Bruchez Yves (le Châble)

The livestock of this small producer comprises around 130 ewes and around 30 lambs. After placing an order, you can collect your meat from the slaughterhouses. You can also buy dry sausages and merguez sausage made from mutton all year round directly from this producer

Chemin des Forcles 2, Le Châble

Phone: +41 79 773 18 71

Farmer Yves Bruchez

Pierre-Emile Michellod  (Versegères)

This passionate young farmer has taken over the reins of the family farm and has been certified organic since 1 January 2020 in order to work with respect for nature.


  • Whole lambs (June to October)
  • Whole kid goats (June to October)
  • Whole chicken (July and August)
  • Half or whole pig (September to October)
  • Quarter, half or whole Hérens cow (depending on supply and demand)

Rue de Prarreyer 34, Versegères

Phone: + 41 79/942 55 98

Pierre-Emile Michellod farmer

Lucien Fellay’s farm (Champsec)

At this producer’s farm, you will also find lamb, sheep and goat meat cut to your preference, merguez sausages, burgers, salami and dried sheep meat, sheep or goat sausages, as well as alpine pork and cured pork. You can find a very nice assortment directly on the farm.

Route de Mauvoisin 280, Champsec

Phone, +41 79 285 65 38

François and Valérie Luisier’s farm (Sarreyer)

You can order organic Hérens beef in whole, half or retail sizes. Once the meat has been ordered, it is collected at the Châble slaughterhouses.

Chemin de Banderet, Sarreyer.

Phone +41 79 892 97 84


Le marché de la montagne (Gailland Fleurs, le Châble)

Le marché de la montagne, located in the Gailland flower shop, is a small organic fruit and vegetable market. They grow strawberries, aromatic herbs and various seasonal vegetables on site. They are associated with the Reynard bio-Top company, which grows ORGANIC fruits and vegetables in the town of Saillon. Their assortment is also supplemented by producers from the region. Le marché de la montagne also offers the opportunity to sign up for fruit and vegetable baskets, which are available at various distribution points.

Phone +41 27 776 46 00


Les Simples (Sarreyer)

This small company based on the sunny hillsides of Sarreyer collects plants found during walks or cultivated at a high altitude.They are picked flower by flower, leaf by leaf, throughout the seasons. You can find lovely finished products made from these plants, such as herbal teas, spices, syrups, sweets, cosmetics and ointments.

Contact the producer at the Mont-Fort  café in Sarreyer

Phone +41 79 723 32 36

A little tip:

Download the “mon producteur” (my producer) app, which allows you to browse the list of producers close to your holiday spot in Switzerland who meet your criteria in just one click. They are classified by categories: fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, etc.