E-bike, for pure pleasure The e-bike is the bike that knows no borders! With this super machine you will be able to discover a world which, until now, was almost inaccessible, reserved for the pros. Access breath-taking locations around Verbier and the Val de Bagnes with almost no effort! It is important to note that,...

E-bike, for pure pleasure

The e-bike is the bike that knows no borders! With this super machine you will be able to discover a world which, until now, was almost inaccessible, reserved for the pros. Access breath-taking locations around Verbier and the Val de Bagnes with almost no effort!

It is important to note that, depending on your pedal stroke and the level of pedal assistance that you use during your ride (eco, normal or strong), your range may vary. You have to be able get there and back with your battery. Charging stations are located at different points in the valley (see below).

Here are two e-bike itineraries, at the bottom of the Bagnes valley. The two routes can be combined to make a longer itinerary, but you should plan a whole day to make the round trip. If you use a lot of battery, you stop at the Mauvoisin charging station and have a drink at the Mauvoisin café while you wait, seen from route 2 opposite.

walk around the mauvoisin dam
view of the second route

Route 1: Verbier – Mauvoisin Dam


This route allows you to set off on your e-bike directly from your rental shop or your holiday home in Verbier. It is a very varied route and you will discover rugged nature dotted with the small villages typical of Val de Bagnes. You will cross forests, meadows, go alongside the river Dranse and be delighted by the breathtaking landscape when you reach the top of the Mauvoisin dam wall, with its view of the lake and waterfalls.

On the practical side

From your holiday home, go down to Verbier village and head south on the road (at the turning to the company Corthay bois) which will take you 5 km to Sarreyer with its beautiful barns and typical outhouses, its mill and view across the valley. Then you will descend to Lourtier before tackling the climb to Fionnay, the last village to be inhabited all year round. From Lourtier, there are two possible routes, we recommend turning left as you exit the village of Lourtier, towards Pramploz where the road traffic is less busy. In Fionnay, you will find a small café called “le Mazot”, after the bridge on the right. The cafe is not visible from the route but its has a very pleasant terrace. After Fionnay, the route climbs gently up to the Mayens de Bonatchiesse, a beautiful high plain nestled in the heart of a nature reserve. In spring, ibex can often be seen from the road. Then it’s the home stretch before returning to the Mauvoisin café and the dam. The route leads you to the top of the dam wall, where there is a photo exhibition about the dam as well as a magnificent view.  If you feel like it, you can continue on to the end of the following route to admire the lake or even continue the route to Chanrion mountain hut (continued, below). Remember your battery, which you can recharge at the auberge de Mauvoisin inn.

E-bike around Mauvoisin dam

Route 2: Mauvoisin Dam – Chanrion Mountain Hut


You can take this route if you want to climb to higher altitudes, to see the almost Himalayan wild landscapes, mountain lakes, restored stables, a rich and varied flora and arrive at a stage where you will treated with the Chanrion mountain hut. The route is all on unsurfaced road but is still very pleasant. You may even come across 4×4 vehicles (with special authorisation issued by the municipality), so be careful and do not ride too fast.

High Val de Bagnes e-bike ideas
e-bike hike in the direction of cabane Chanrion


If you start from the foot of the Mauvoisin dam, you must either get there by your own means (e-bike on route 1 or by car), or you will need a means of transport to get you and your e-bike to the starting point. The Combins taxi company can tow up to 13 e-bikes. The postal bus (May to October) can also take you up to Châble station. Please note, you must reserve your place in advance by phone or mail through the post bus or at More information about transporting bicycles is available here.

From the foot of the dam, you will follow the “cabane de Chanrion” (Chanrion mountain hut) route. You will go through tunnels at the beginning with a pleasant climb, (300 m climb from the car park) then the road will become flat with a gentle descent until you reach the end of the Mauvoisin lake. You will cross several small streams and some parts may seem quite vertiginous.

You can eat at the Chanrion mountain hut. This is a good motivator, with a great reward when you finally get there!

You can make the return journey by heading south (Lourtier, Sarreyer, Verbier), or you can take the postal bus or a taxi service to wherever suits you.

view on the Mauvoisin lake

Itinerary 3 Verbier – Chanrion Mountain Hut

For this route you can combine the two previous routes. It is a long ride, at altitude, for the sportiest types. We recommend leaving early. And as previously mentioned, there is a charging station near the Mauvoisin café.

mountain hut chanrion e-bike
Mountain hut Chanrion


More information:

E-bike hire

You will find a wide range of sports shops in Verbier where you can rent an e-bike to suit your needs. (Mountain air, Ski Service, Back Side, and Mountain Show to the Châble …)


If you would like a guide on this walk or to discover other hidden gems, do not hesitate to call on the big ride who have bike or e-bike guides confirmed and who are full of good plans for discovering the region by bike.

Terminals installed in the region (available free of charge):

  • Médran
  • Les Ruinettes
  • La Chaux
  • Croix-de-Coeur
  • Châble Station
  • La Côt
  • Fionnay
  • Brunet Mountain Hut
  • Mauvoisin


This is an article with some ideas and information for an e-bike ride. Keep in mind that you will be in the mountains with all the dangers this entails. Be careful – before leaving, check your itinerary on a map, the weather, the condition of your e-bike, battery, routes etc.


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We wish you a pleasant holiday in Verbier.